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From the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea to the volcanic soils of Mount Etna’s slopes, Sicily is one of the most renowned agricultural regions in the world. It is here, among this Italian island’s rich culinary history, where VIVI Imports discovers the greatest flavours and ingredients to import to Canada.

Since 2016, VIVI Imports has been a premier distributor of authentic Sicilian products, such as olive oils, flours, sauces, chocolates, and more. Each product within the VIVI Imports portfolio meets our rigorous quality standards and is a unique exploration of the terroir of Sicilia.

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Cioccolato Maggiorana
(Marjoram Chocolate)
Cioccolato Fruttosio
(Fructose Chocolate)
Cioccolato Mandarino
(Tangerine Chocolate)
Cioccolato Mascobado
(Cane Sugar Chocolate)